Supplied by Speed Gas, our 99% pure Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable and non-toxic gas, which is a highly reactive non-metallic element and oxidizing agent, readily forming compounds with most elements. Used for cutting, welding and heating, oxygen is mixed with other gases to produce a very hot flame. Oxygen, instead of air, is used to increase the flame temperature to allow localized melting of the work piece material (e.g. steel) in a room environment A common propane/air flame burns around 2,000 °C, whilst a propane/oxygen flame reaches temperatures around 2,800 °C.


Additional information


C, D, E, G


Welding & Metal Fabrication

Use Purpose

Oxy-Fuel Cutting & Heating

Purchase Type

Cylinder with Gas, Swap – Refill (Onsite)


Dimensions C size D size E size G size
Volume 0.5m3 1.8m3 4.5m3 9.0m3
Height Approx 54cm 75cm 105cm 163cm
Diameter 11cm 17cm 21cm 25cm
Weight 6kg 20kg 39kg 80kg


Delivery Information
Prices include GST and Free Delivery in Metro Area
Refills are delivered on a swap basis.

Safety Information & Documents

Australian Standards Colour Code: Black

Elemental Symbol: 02