Acetylene Gas

A flammable colourless gas, with a distinct odour, Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient of the fuel gases. It is also the most versatile, providing high levels of productivity thanks to good localised heating with a minimum of thermal waste. It is safe to use underground because it is lighter than air, has a low ignition energy and low moisture in the flame.


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Timber Fabrication, Welding & Metal Fabrication

Use Purpose

Branding & Ageing Timber, Oxy-Acetylene Cutting & Heating

Purchase Type

Cylinder with Gas, Swap – Refill (Onsite)


Dimensions E size
Volume 3.2m3
Height Approx 90cm
Diameter 22cm
Weight 34kg


Delivery Information
Prices include GST and Free Delivery in Metro Area
Refills are delivered on a swap basis.

Safety Information & Documents


Australian Standards Colour: Claret
Elemental symbol: C2H2
Classified as Dangerous
Classified as Hazardous (see SDS)


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