Nitrogen & Mixtures

Nitrogen (N2) makes up the major portion of the earth’s atmosphere, accounting for 78.08% of total volume. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic and almost totally inert gas. It can be an asphyxiant in high concentrations. Nitrogen is produced in high volumes at air separation plants. A second purification process may be necessary if very high purity levels are required. Membrane techniques can also be used to recover nitrogen in lower purities. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) techniques are suited to medium-to-high purities.



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C, D, E, F, G


CO2-Pure, 30% Beer Mix Gas, 40% Beer Mix Gas, 55% Beer Mix Gas, 75% Beer Mix Gas, Food Grade Dry


Air Conditioning, Automotive, Aviation, Cycling, Fire Protection, Food Wine & Beverage, Industrial, Motorsport

Use Purpose

Air Jack Operation, Air Shifters, Dispensing Wine & Beer, Hydraulics, Inert Gas Blanketing for Food Preservation, Inert Gas Fire Suppression, Leak Detection, Tyre Inflation

Purchase Type

Cylinder with Gas, Swap – Refill (Onsite)


Dimensions C size D size E size G size
Volume 0.5m3 1.6m3 4.0m3 8.0m3
Height Approx 54cm 75cm 105cm 163cm
Diameter 11cm 17cm 21cm 25cm
Weight 5.5kg 19kg 37kg 80kg


Food Grade Dry Nitrogen
Greater than 99.5% purity

Nitrogen Beer Mixes – Beer Gas
30% Carbon Dioxide balance Nitrogen.  Generally used to pour thicker beers such as Guinness

40% Carbon Dioxide balance Nitrogen. For less carbonation

55% Carbon Dioxide balance Nitrogen. Suits most Sites


Prices include GST and Free Delivery in Metro Area
Refills are delivered on a swap basis.

Special Mix refills are done on a Drop Off/collect – no swaps.
For Allgo Gases Collection & Return ADD $20 unless there are other cylinders in the delivery

Safety Information & Documents


Safety and gas monitoring equipment is to be installed and maintained by the proprietor of the venue and beer line gas systems must be AS5034 compliance