I already own a Speed Gas cylinder. Can you swap it for a full one?

Yes. We can deliver your full cylinder and collect your empty.

Don’t stand in a queue, we come to you.

Do you sell G size cylinders?

Yes. We sell a full range of cylinder sizes. Size C, D, E, & G are available with working pressures of 200 bar. All registered designs and Australian Standard compliant.

Also a full range of CO2 cylinders.

I own my own beverage gas cylinder. Can you refill it for me?

Yes. Allgo Gases fills customer-owned cylinders. We only fill cylinders that pass AS2030.5 filling inspection. Contact us for more information.

What size cylinders do you sell for Carbon Dioxide?

2.3kg and 6.8kg aluminium Catalina cylinders as well as C size 1.9kg  and F size 22kg steel cylinders.

Others on request.

What is the difference between your aluminium and steel CO2 cylinders?

Our My Keg on Legs aluminium cylinders are made from a lightweight aluminium alloy. Empty weight can be up to 40% less than steel cylinders. They keep their appearance as they do not rust. Carbon Dioxide is highly corrosive in nature and steel cylinders used to store it last only 5 years between tests, unless fitted with a residual pressure device. Aluminium cylinders, on the other hand, last 10 years between tests.

Can I buy a regulator to suit my new cylinder?
Yes. We have a full range available at competitive prices.
What is a Speed Swap?
Once you own an Allgo Gases or Speed Gas branded cylinder, when the time comes for a refill we will swap it for a full in-test cylinder as part of our standard refill price.
Which gas should I buy to weld stainless steel?
Pure Argon
Which gas should I buy to weld mild steel?
Argon 5/2 or a Special Mix for over 6mm plate.
Can we swap to a larger or smaller cylinder?
Yes. You can trade up or down in cylinder size. Contact us for pricing.
Can I swap to a different Argon gas?
Yes. You can swap the same size Argon 5/2 Mix for a Pure Argon.
Can Allgo Gas deliver anywhere in Australia?

Yes. However freight can be expensive. Ask us for a quote.

How much is delivery?

Free delivery of Allgo & Speedgas welding gas products in the Adelaide Metro area and some Hills areas.

Customer owned carbon dioxide cylinders of other brands are charge a delivery and collection fee.

Ask us for a quote.

Do you fill other brands of cylinders

Yes we do. If you have purchased cylinder from a tool shop and it has an Australian test station stamp on it we can fill it.

Other brands such as “Rent Free Gas” are one of many other brands we can fill.

We do not fill any rental cylinders.

Please contact us for more details, we have some of the cheapest refill or swap prices in Adelaide. 

Cheapest Customer Owned Cylinder, Welding & Beverage Gas Refills in South Australia

Refilling: Speedgas, Power 10, Puregas, Rentfree gas, all brands of CO2 brewing cylinders and many others